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Leona Tobien - Artist Page - Susan Boutwell Gallery

2018 Brot und Spiele, with Albrecht Fersch and Lilla von Puttkamer, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin

2018 Leona Tobien and Mira Makai - Ceramics, Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich

2016 Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich

2015 Jens Sierra Lingemann, Goldschmied, Berlin

2013/14 Galerie Bergwasser, Berlin

2013 Inspired design for fabric frontline, Zurich

The fragility of paper clay meets crystal liquid, which is then unified by heat to create strong, but fine, unique works of art.

Whereas “raku” means enjoyment and is a traditional Japanese process dating from the 16th century that is closely connected to zen principles, when it is practiced outside under the open sky it is rather a philosophical approach instead of just a firing technique.

The works are removed from the kiln at the highest temperature, glowing orange like lava. They are then placed into metal bins with paper and sawdust; the ashes colour the clay black. Finally, they are dipped into water, causing the glaze to crack in an unpredictable manner. Each result has to cope with enormous elemental forces.

I believe in showing the material and its character by giving spontaneity a chance. The form and surface texture always reflect the core qualities of the clay type and its combination with the glaze. The unique pieces could not have been made of any other material.

Leona Tobien